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The APEX Institute Founders

Dr. Anthony C. Siracusa

Inspired by the challenges left unresolved by the black freedom struggles of the mid-twentieth century, and convinced that Memphis is uniquely poised for a devoted program that encourages fresh perspective and a mix of innovative ideas applied to the seemingly intractable issues facing the city of Memphis and the nation, Dr. Siracusa co-founded Memphis’ first civil rights fellows program.

Known for promoting urban initiatives that improve the quality of life for citizens and inspire community engagement, Dr. Siracusa is the founder of Memphis’ Revolutions Bike Co-op

− a community bicycle shop dedicated to teaching people how to build their own recycled bike; and co-founder and president of the Board of Bike Walk Tennessee.

Dr. Siracusa has a passion for teaching and learning and is a prolific researcher and writer. He has published numerous scholarly articles and book chapters on the subject of social justice, equity and equality.

Dr. Siracusa’s work includes:
• “From Pacifism to Resistance: The Evolution of Nonviolence in Wartime America,” Journal of Civil and Human Rights, Issue 3, Volume 1, August 2017
• “Nonviolence, Black Power, and the Surveillance State in Memphis’ War on Poverty,” in An Unseen Light: Black Freedom Struggles in Memphis, Tennessee, Aram Goudsouzian and Charles McKinney, eds., (Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 2018)
• Thomas G. McGowan, Anthony C. Siracusa, and Suzanne Bonefas, “Community Engagement Across the Curriculum: Boyer, Integration and the Challenges of Institutionalization,” in Making the Way by Walking: Rethinking Pathways for Community Engagement in Higher Education, eds. Arianne Hoy and Matthew Johnson, (New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2013)

Dr. Siracusa is Engaged Learning Specialist – Collaborative for Community Engagement at Colorado College. Before that, he developed and taught a civil rights class for Rhodes College. This class was the precursor to the Apex Civil Rights Fellows Program.

Dr. Siracusa received a Doctor of Philosophy and a Masters Degree in History from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN; he received a Bachelor of Arts in History from Rhodes College, Memphis, TN.